Who are We

Our innovative digital nail art kiosks are an innovative, fun and unique business opportunity that will generate a steady income stream.

Printing intricate designs, patterns onto fingernails or a full set of artificial nails in just seconds!

We have now branched out: Fingernails in Lebanon, Fingernails in Qatar, Fingernails in Kuwait, Fingernails in Saudi Arabia, Fingernails in Egypt, Fingernails in Jordan, Fingernails in Oman, Fingernails in UAE and Fingernails in Bahrain.


The C12 digital nail art kiosk prints intricate patterns and designs of your choice onto fingernails or onto a full set of artificial nails. Customers can choose from a wide variety of designs ranging from floral patterns to abstract designs and iconic images.

The C12 kiosk also has an inbuilt digital camera so users can even take a picture and have that portrait printed onto their nails in incredible detail.

Our C12 nail art kiosk has the ability to store up to 10,000 designs so you can keep up with the latest trends and tailor designs to suit your market. The kiosk is sleek and elegant in design and takes up a very small footprint making it ideal for a wide range of locations.

The C12 FingerNails 2 Go Digital Nail Art Kiosk comes with a 12 month warranty and our manufacturers have a dedicated team to help with any after warranty technical support We have the ability to provide an online diagnostic check should you ever require technical support.

Latest NEWS

Fingernails2Go looks at some of the top trends this summer season!

It’s summer again and along with the sun summer brings pastels, bright colours and playful floral patterns.

The best part of nail art is that you can express the seasons through your nails and not just your clothing!
Did you know?

We did a demo in Abu Dhabi for our Kiosks! Many investors were present during the thorough process and the results were excellent.