FingerNails2Go is an innovative, fun and unique business opportunity that will generate a steady income stream.
Nail Art is a huge growth industry with sales of over $7.4bn for nail services worldwide every year!

How to become a GOOD INVESTOR

There are many advantages to becoming an Exclusive Master Distributor and we have listed some of them below.
  • Exclusive right to operate the kiosks in your territory
  • Exclusive right to the Fingernails2Go brand in your territory
  • You will be offered the kiosks at a discounted price
  • You can operate the C12 kiosks yourself or you can sell the kiosks at a retail price
  • All leads generated in your territory by our advertising will be directed to you
  • Fingernails 2 Go do not charge a fee to secure a territory.


Customers can choose a pattern from the touch screen display, crop it, add borders, change the color or even take a picture using the inbuilt digital camera and have that printed onto their fingernail in one second.
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Takes a second per nail
  • Over 1000 designs to choose from the 12,000 designs in our library
  • Fantastic looking machine which draws attention
  • Watch the whole process in real time on the touch screen display
  • Compact so it can be installed in any location
  • You can bring your designs on a USB and plug it in the machine!