Consumer FAQ

What types of images can be printed onto nails?

The Fingernails 2 Go kiosk comes with 1000 pre-programmed designs in its memory. The kiosk also has a built in digital camera so you can take a portrait picture, and have that too. The designs range from iconic images to floral patterns and motifs.

Do fingernails need to be prepped?

There is a three stage process when printing onto natural nails.

1. A base coat is applied to protect the nail.

2. A primer is then applied for the image to adhere to.

3. After printing, a clear top coat is applied to protect the image.

How long does the printing process take?

It takes around 2 seconds to print a full set of artificial nails (consisting of 20 nails) and one second to print onto an individual fingernail. This does not include the time taken to prep the nail and choose the design.

How long will the designs last?

The design will last as long as normal nail polish does. We recommend that a topcoat of clear varnish be reapplied after a couple of days and periodically after that to protect the design.

How do I get new designs onto the kiosk?

We have an extensive library of designs to suit all target markets and retail environments as well as seasonal events. If there is a specific design or style you require we can have designs made specifically for you.

How long is my warranty?

All FingerNails 2 Go kiosks come with a 12-month warranty with the option to extend.

What is the best location for my kiosk?

Any location that has a large footfall of the target market is ideal; this opens up a huge range of locations such as airports, shopping centers, leisure centers, theme parks, arenas and retail outlets.

What are the kiosks revenue streams?

The Fingernails 2 Go franchise has three streams of revenue.

1. Artificial nails - The Kiosk will print a full set of nails at once

2. Natural Nails - The kiosk will print onto a single natural fingernail.

3. Multi-Screen advertising interface.

How does the business opportunity work?

You own 1, 2, or more kiosks that you place into retail locations with a high footfall of our target market and watch the cash flow in.

For each territory we are hoping to secure an exclusive master distributor who will promote the Fingernails 2 Go kiosks within their territory.

On what basis do you select your business applications?

We want our business opportunities to succeed and on that basis, we will be very selective. We want ambitious people who are disciplined, capable and have a positive outlook, and who are determined and forwarding thinking individuals.

What territories are available?

Let us know your preferred territory and we will let you know if it is available. Some territories have already been secured worldwide.

Can I have more than one territory?

Yes, providing you are able to meet the requirements to secure multiple territories, although each territory application shall be judged on its own merit.

How much capital do I need?

This depends on the franchise format that you are interested in.

How much experience do I need?

A proven business track record is advantageous but not necessary; we will provide you with all the training and support that you will need to make your business a success.

What's so great about us?

We have several decades experience developing products and bringing them to market. We care passionately about our franchisees and strive to deliver the most unique service.

What do we offer?

We offer a unique business opportunity in an ever-growing market. We provide our franchisees with complete operational training as well as after sales technical support.